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Software link Description Publications
Study and construct RNA 3D architectures interactively. PMID: 20562414
MACSIMS: Multiple Alignment of Complete Sequences Information Management System. PMID: 16792820
Rapid detection of orthology and inparalogy relations. PMID: 21219603
Quality control systems for ChIP-seq and enrichment-related datasets PMID: 24038469
Comprehensive workflow for annotating and ranking SNVs and indels from next generation sequencing data PMID: 25780760
MS/MS spectra viewer/extractor designed to extract "high quality" spectra from peaklist files.
MyGeneFriends: a social network linking genes, genetic diseases and researchers PMID: 28623182
AnnotSV: An integrated tool for Structural Variations annotation. PMID: 29669011
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