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Database link Description Publications
Cytochrome P450 Expression Database using Arabidopsis. PMID: 18433503
tRNA gene sequences from fully annotated plant nuclear, plastidial and mitochondrial genomes. PMID: 23066098
High quality multiple sequence alignments for objective, comparative studies of alignment algorithms. PMID: 16044462
PMID: 11125126
PMID: 10068696
PMID: 21483869
Analysis and visualization of complex evolutionary histories for the human proteome PMID: 22267905
Collect, analyse, manage, query and display Transcriptomics Data Ongoing
Analysis of nuclear receptor expression in adult mouse brain PMID: 17956739
Standardized characterization of different Cre lines driving Cre or Cre-ERT2 in various tissues and organs.
Mouse Zoo: genetically modified mouse lines generated by the ICS (IGBMC) and compatible with international standards
QC indicator database covering the largest collection of ChIP-seq and enrichment-related datasets retrieved in the public domain PMID: 24038469
Integrated annotation and analysis of in situ hybridization images using the ImAnno system: application to the ear and sensory organs of the fetal mouse. PMID: 25706271
PARSEC (PAtteRn Search and Contextualization) is an open source platform for discovery and characterization of short genomic sites in entire eukaryotic genomes PMID: 123
dbSTAR : a reference DataBase of human STructural vARiation from sequencing data Ongoing
MiSynPat: an integrated knowledge base linking clinical, genetic, and structural data for disease-causing mutations in human mitochondrial aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases. PMID: 28608363
OrthoInspector is a resource dedicated to orthology which gives access to orthologous relationships between the proteins of 4753 species across the three domains of Life. In addition, OrthoInspector provides original tools for comparative genomics analyses. PMID: 30380106
We provide a local mirror of NCBI and Uniprot genomes and taxonomy.
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