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Database link Description Publications
Cytochrome P450 Expression Database using Arabidopsis. PMID: 18433503
tRNA gene sequences from fully annotated plant nuclear, plastidial and mitochondrial genomes. PMID: 23066098
High quality multiple sequence alignments for objective, comparative studies of alignment algorithms. PMID: 16044462
PMID: 11125126
PMID: 10068696
PMID: 21483869
Analysis and visualization of complex evolutionary histories for the human proteome PMID: 22267905
Collect, analyse, manage, query and display Transcriptomics Data Ongoing
Analysis of nuclear receptor expression in adult mouse brain PMID: 17956739
Standardized characterization of different Cre lines driving Cre or Cre-ERT2 in various tissues and organs.
Mouse Zoo: genetically modified mouse lines generated by the ICS (IGBMC) and compatible with international standards
QC indicator database covering the largest collection of ChIP-seq and enrichment-related datasets retrieved in the public domain PMID: 24038469
Integrated annotation and analysis of in situ hybridization images using the ImAnno system: application to the ear and sensory organs of the fetal mouse. PMID: 25706271
PARSEC (PAtteRn Search and Contextualization) is an open source platform for discovery and characterization of short genomic sites in entire eukaryotic genomes PMID: 123
dbSTAR : a reference DataBase of human STructural vARiation from sequencing data Ongoing
MiSynPat: an integrated knowledge base linking clinical, genetic, and structural data for disease-causing mutations in human mitochondrial aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases. PMID: 28608363
We provide a local mirror of NCBI and Uniprot genomes and taxonomy.
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