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Bioinformatics at BISTRO

The BISTRO bioinformatics platform involves teams from GMGM, IBMC, IBMP, ICube, IGBMC, IPHC and LGM, with expertise, bioinformatics tools and resources, data mining algorithms, focused on evolutionary and functional analyses in various application domains, including biomedical studies, plants, yeast and bacteria.

We are part of the BICS (Bioinformatics and complex systems) platform at ICube.

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BISTRO is also part of the IFB (Institut Français de Bioinformatique) in the Nord-Est node:


You can now find the presentations of the Bioinformatics meeting here.


Lydie Lane (Geneva) will give the first BISTRO seminar, "Biocuration and software development activities in the CALIPHO group: neXtProt, variants portals and the Cellosaurus". It will be held january the 20th at 2PM at the ECPM (Cronenbourg campus).


A meeting event for bioinformaticians of Strasbourg will be held at the IBMP (12 rue du Général Zimmer, Strasbourg) january the 24th, from 9AM to 12:30PM. Free entry, please register here.


BISTRO members meeting, more news coming soon !


Two new services were added to BISTRO: ImAnno and PARSEC.


BISTRO members meeting

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